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Announcement of the New Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 60" Large-Format Printer

A Note from IT Supplies:

We are happy to see Canon rounding out its Pro Series line with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000. We have had many requests for a 60” printer that has all the benefits of the PRO-4000 and PRO-2000. Customers have been requesting larger prints for their works. They also appreciate the incredible print quality of the Pro Series as well as the cost savings due to no head clogging and zero loss of ink with the sub system reservoir. We will begin accepting orders immediately. Orders will ship by the end of August.

Press Release - MELVILLE, N.Y., July 20, 2017

The Large Format Solutions Division is excited to announce the latest addition to the imagePROGRAF PRO Series product line, the 11- color plus Chroma Optimizer 60-inch PRO-6000 Large-format printer. This printer is unique in that it is the only 60-inch, high-end, high-quality ink jet printer in the market today.

Ideal for professional photography and fine art reproductions, the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 printer is designed to exceed expectations for image quality, color consistency and productivity. Empowered by a unique Canon-to-Canon workflow that links images captured with an EOS Digital Camera and printed with an imagePROGRAF PRO Series printer, known as Crystal-fidelity, this printer can produce spectacular large-format output that maintains all of the color, texture, contrast and emotion captured in the original image.

Expanding the PRO Series line-up, the new 60-inch 11- color plus Chroma Optimizer imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 model features the same print head, LUCIA PRO ink, L-COA PRO image processor, and sleek sturdy design as the rest of the PRO Series models. Highlights that set this printer apart from the crowd include its 60-inch print width, 11-color plus Chroma Optimizer ink set, that offers spectacular image quality for the fine art and photographic markets, as well as feeding from a standard Multifunction Roll System.  

The standard Multifunction Roll System is a versatile media handling system that enables either two rolls of media to be loaded at the same time, or for the unit to be configured as a bi-directional media take-up unit. When used as a second media roll, the Multifunction Roll System can be used to load glossy media on one roll and fine art media on the other and seamlessly print to both without the user ever needing to manually switch the media. The Multifunction Roll System, with Canon’s innovative media handling system, enables a roll of media to be loaded into the printer without directly touching the media with your hands. Simply set the media in the roll holder and lightly rotate the flange to enable the leading edge of the media to be automatically fed. This avoids potential damage or creasing of the media upon loading. 

Notable Features:
•    Color Calibration
•    Multifunction Roll System 
•    Effortless Media Loading
•    High-precision mechanical platform
•    Versatile Connectivity
•    Workflow and Utility Software   

Color output is optimized by Canon’s built-in Color Density Sensor and calibration system. This capability is vitally important to professional photographers and artists because it means these printers can reproduce colors reliably and consistently over time and across multiple PRO Series devices. Canon’s color calibration system is simpler and easier to use than the competition. Unlike Epson and HP models, that requires a spectrophotometer and repeat calibrations for each type of media or print mode, Canon’s built-in Color Density Sensor only requires one calibration from one media type to make adjustments. Plus a user can calibrate Canon genuine and non-Canon branded media. 

This new model, which has little competition in its class, has a completely redesigned chassis which provides for a significant improvement in droplet accuracy over its predecessor. Other enhancements include being up to 20% faster and having 13% smaller footprint than previous Canon models.  The printer like the other members of the PRO Series family features a color touch panel, embedded WiFi, USB thumb drive printing, Sub-Ink Tank System and both black inks online for no ink waste when changing from glossy to matte media.

User-Friendly Software 
Further enhancing the user experience with this new imagePROGRAF PRO Series printer is the intuitive software solution, Print Studio Pro. With a focus on quality and ease of use, Print Studio Pro is a plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom®, Adobe Photoshop Elements®2 and Canon Digital Photo Professional.  This software will help to dramatically improve fine details and gradations for a highly accurate reproduction of the original captured image and easily exports files directly to the printer.  Workflow and utilities solutions that come standard with the printer include:

•    Media Configuration Tool: Helps manage print settings and media information 
•    Quick Utility Tool Box: Provides quick access to printer management tools 
•    Print Plug-in for Microsoft Office: Print files easily from Microsoft Office applications 
•    Accounting Manager: Tracks ink and media costs- Now available for MAC
•    Device Management Console:  Manage up to 50 imagePROGRAF PRO Series printers 

To give users more flexibility in their consumable purchases, the ink tanks are the same ones the PRO-4000 and PRO-2000 use and are available in three sizes, 700 ml, 330 ml and 160 ml.  This PRO Series printer keeps the hot swap ink tanks functionality utilized in previous models, allowing for uninterrupted printing during ink tank replacement.  If an ink tank runs out of ink, the printer uses the ink in the reserve sub-ink tanks. Not only does this prevent downtime in continuous printing, it makes it easy to use all ink in the tanks, which help to cut costs.  

Pricing for the new imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 model is as follows:

Item Number  
Description MSRP
imagePROGRAF PRO-6000  $11,995

Vescom Wall Coverings - Nick G.

Nick G. Commercial Sales Representative

There has been a new and exciting announcement in the North American digital wallcovering market, Vescom Wall Coverings. Vescom is the #1 selling wallcovering in Europe. Whether you’re printing on a latex, eco solvent, or UV printer, these wall coverings meet the strict regulations and quality measures our European friends demand. Manufactured right here in the US, more specifically North Carolina, Vescom has pleanty of stock and capability to keep up with demand here in the states.

Vescom will rival both Dreamscapes and Koragraphics, both currently have a stronghold on the North American Digital Wallcovering Market. While both Koragraphics and Dreamscapes are great products, here are some common issues we hear about from our customers.

Inconsistent Prints

  • Phenomenon called plasticizer migration, which is caused by chemical reactions in the vinyl that cause print inconsistencies and color shifts. With only one coating on the media, it’s more susceptible to these occurrences happening over time giving them a short shelf life.

Media Coating

  • Most if not all PVC wallcoverings have one coat on their medias. There is one exception out there, dreamscapes sued HP (high performance). Dreamscapes simply added a top coat to the original suede product and considers this a premium product at a premium price point.


  • Most PVC vinyl wallcoverings are stretched before being applied to their backer to maximize yields. This causes an unpredictable and unstable product that can curl or shrink causing printhead strikes or inconsistent panel lengths and widths which turns into lost jobs and money.

What is Vescom doing differently?

Two layers of coating

  • Vescom features a second coating, or “top coat” standard on their entire lineup of PVC wallcoverings. This top coat significantly reduces “plasticizer migration” giving you more consistent prints and a longer shelf life.

No Shrinking

  • Vescom pre-shrinks there vinyl before attaching it to their backer. 54” rolls typically start out as 58” rolls before finding their home on their backer. This gives you a stable and consistent product with no curling right out of the box and confidence from lot to lot.  At Vescom, maximizing quality comes first over maximizing yields

Vescom Features

-          Type II PVC

-          Commercial Grade, Class A Fire Rating (ASTME-84 Class A)

-          Compatible with Latex, UV, and Eco-Solvent Inks (All 9 embosses are certified for HP Latex inks)

-          Meets EPA requirements for low-VOC emitting products

-          Non-Phthalate and Formaldehyde-Free

-          Heavy Metal-Free and Antimony-Free

-          Media comes both fabric backed and on a non-woven substrate

-          Media is receptive to liquid coating for extra protection and installs with common adhesives and installation techniques. (Recommended Top Coat: Marabu Clearshield Wall Armor)

Vescom has many different Patterns and Textures to choose from including finishes similar to Dreamscapes and Korographics popular finishes. If you would like to learn more about the Vescom line or request a swatchbook. Please reach out to the IT Supplies Roll to Roll Commercial Sales team.


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NEW: Adventa QuickPro ArtWraps

Everything you need to create the perfect canvas in just 120 seconds, delivering professional results every time. Quick and easy to produce, QuickPro ArtWrap Canvas requires no specialist knowledge or equipment. In fact, you only need a stapler, a pair of scissors and a pair of hands.

Simply supply the prints! The strong board construction uses a ‘fold and lock’ method with a premium back board to complete the canvas.

They are available in a range of shapes and dimensions to offer your customers a great choice to suit their photos. These modern canvases look great in any home or business setting and are wall mountable for prominent room presentation.

QuickPro Canvas products are available in wholesale and trade quantities and are expertly designed to be quick and easy to assemble. This product delivers the high standards, quality and unique creativity of Adventa to your customers.

Whether it is their holidays, wedding photos, family portraits, pets or even that special selfie, your customers will be delighted to display their memories and moments on the awesome QuickPro Canvas, and are guaranteed their product at a fraction of the time of traditional canvas prints.

This new patented product from Adventa is ground-breaking in the world of canvas print, offering a faster and very cost-effective method of making premium high quality canvases.

Adventa QuickPro ArtWraps and Inkjet Canvas are both available separately at ITSupplies.com