Can I print on canvas using my inkjet desktop printer?

If you have an larger inkjet printer (small consumer models could encounter problems printing on canvas, ruining your printer), chances are you can print on canvas with no issues. You will want to make sure that your printer has a print profile or setting for printing on canvas. If your printer does not you’ll need to download a profile for the specific canvas you plan on using. This will ensure the right amount of ink is laid down on the canvas, preventing ink from bleeding and ruining your print.

Before purchasing canvas cut sheets for your inkjet desktop printer you’ll want to make sure that you’re printer can handle the thickness of the canvas sheet. We do not recommend cutting down canvas rolls into cut sheet sizes as the canvas will most likely fray and could potentially harm you printer.

As with handling any media post print, make sure you handle the canvas delicately and allow for ample dry time.

If you’re having trouble finding inkjet canvas cut sheets, visit the IT Supplies Canvas Collection Page, we have several canvas cut sheet sizes ranging from 8.5”x11” to 17”x22”.