How do I print on inkjet canvas?

When printing on canvas make sure your printer is set to print on the highest-quality print mode and the ICC profile you've selected matches that of the print settings. It is very important to adjust printer settings prior to printing on canvas so your printer can lay the right amount of ink, as speed and ink levels are different than that of setting for printing on photo paper.

When handling canvas make sure to wear white cotton gloves to prevent oily fingerprints from ruining your print surface. Also, you will want to make sure your inkjet canvas is free of dust and particles, so you may want to lightly brush the canvas with a soft-brissel brush.

After you run your print make sure that you allow for 24 hours of dry time. This will prevent the ink on your prints from smudging. You'll want to coat your canvas to protect it from the environmental factors as well, Premier Art Sells a line of Eco Post Print solutions for coating and embellishing canvas prints.

ICC profiles can be found throughout the IT Supplies website, in our blog or on manufacturer's landing pages. If you are unable to find ICC profiles for a specific paper on our website, try visiting the manufacturer's website as often profiles can be found there. If your looking for more information about inkjet canvas visit the IT Supplies Canvas Collection Page, it's loaded with products, tips, trick and videos.