How should I handle my inkjet media?

There are several important things to remember while handling any type of inkjet receptive media:

  • Make sure to handle inkjet paper by the edges, corners or from the non-printable side. This prevents oils from your fingerprints from tampering with the media's printable surface. You can wear white cotton gloves used for coin collectors to handle your media and prints, this will prevent oils from ruining the inkjet coated surface.
  • ALWAYS allow ample dry time for your prints. If you do not allow for ample dry time your prints may smudge, ruining your work. Depending on the media dry times may vary, use your best judgement and remember the more time you allow for drying the less chance you have of ruining your prints...so be patient!
  • Keep your work area and area you will be printing tidy. Environmental factors such as dust, grime, particles and food could ruin your prints.
  • Never stack prints on top of each other. The most common defects we see are when prints are stacked on top of each other without protective tissue.