Mouldmade paper closely resembles handmade paper and is made on a cylinder-mould machine.

In The Book of Fine Paper, the bible of paper making, the process is described in great detail. "The cylinder [wrapped in wire or screen] revolves half immersed in a vat of highly diluted pulp. As it turns, it forms a continuous fibrous sheet (called a web). This layer is picked up at the top of the cylinder by a suction roller surrounded by wet felts. The web of paper then passes through the 'pressing' section consiting of upper and lower rolls which mechanically squeeze out the water. Both rolls are covered by wet woolen felts, giving a surface to the paper which is very similar on both sides. As the web is fed through the drying section, it passes around a series of steam-heated cylinders before being finally reeled up at the end of the process as a continous roll of paper." (Turner, 18)

Mouldmade papers are typically more expensive than so-called machinemade papers as they are slower to produce and require great attention to detail.