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Can I print on canvas using my inkjet desktop printer?

If you have an larger inkjet printer (small consumer models could encounter problems printing on canvas, ruining your printer), chances are you can print on canvas with no issues. You will want to make sure that your printer has a print profile or setting for printing on canvas. If your printer does not you’ll need to download a profile for the specific canvas you plan on using. This will ensure the right amount of ink is laid down on the canvas, preventing ink from bleeding and ruining your print.

Before purchasing canvas cut sheets for your inkjet desktop printer you’ll want to make sure that you’re printer can handle the thickness of the canvas sheet. We do not recommend cutting down canvas rolls into cut sheet sizes as the canvas will most likely fray and could potentially harm you printer.

As with handling any media post print, make sure you handle the canvas delicately and allow for ample dry time.

If you’re having trouble finding inkjet canvas cut sheets, visit the IT Supplies Canvas Collection Page, we have several canvas cut sheet sizes ranging from 8.5”x11” to 17”x22”.




The term giclée is a French word which literally translated means 'to spray'. Giclée was derived from the first Iris printers that sprayed ink on media. With the introduction of inkjet printers the name stuck and became synonymous with printing in fine art applications. Printing Giclée on canvas is really not much different than photo printing. Giclée prints are usually fine art reproduction prints on fine art and canvas media.


How do I give my inkjet canvas prints an embellished or painted look?

If you're looking to give your prints an embellished "impasto" painted or "brushed" look try Premier Art's Eco Elegance, an embellishing gel that allows you to mix the gel with acrylic paints or alone to give your prints a true painted feel. We suggest use of Premier's Eco Print Shield before embellishing with Elegance gel as it has been engineered to be coupled with Eco Elegance and will protect your canvas from environmental factors. Before using embellishing Gel we recommend following these steps to ensure your print quality:

  1. Allow ample drytime after printing. We recommend at least 24 hours.
  2. Coat your canvas with a couple of light coats of Eco Print Shield or a similar coating and allow for the manufacturer's recommended dry time.
  3. Stretch and mount the canvas.
  4. Apply Eco Elegance or a similar product with a brush, roller or palette knife. Application should performed in thin layers allowing the gel to dry between coats in order to remain clear. It can also be mixed with acrylic paints for color matching.

Premier Art's YouTube Channel has some additional instructional videos for coating and embellishing inkjet canvas prints. For IT Supplies' full line of Premier inkjet canvas coating and embellishing products click here.


I'm printing on Fredrix 777VWR using my Canon ipf8300, what profiles should i use?

We’ve spoken with a representatives at Fredrix, they’ve suggested downloading the file (Fredrix777VividCanonIPF5100,6100,8100,9100.icc) for use with the new line of iPF 8300, iPF6350 & iPF6300 Printers. To download the ICC Profile for your iPF printer, visit the Fredrix website by clicking here and signing up. 


What is a canvas wrap?

Canvas wraps are a quick and economical solution to creating a canvas print without having to use stretcher bars and side stapling. Canvas wraps are obviously not as sturdy as most use cardboard, light wood, or plastic for a base. Hahnemuhle Gallerie Photo Wrap's are even sold in 8.5"x11" size which allows users with inkjet desktop printers to create a finished size 6"x8" canvas wrap. Check out the video below and see how easily Hahnemuhle Gallerie Photo Wraps can be constructed.


What is a viable replacement product to Epson Satin Premier Canvas

The replacement product to Epson Satin Premier Canvas is Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin, the new replacement line will produce the same look as the now defunct Epson Satin Premier Canvas.