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How can I profile my display?

There are several ways to profile your display, or in other words standardize the color displayed depending on the level of accuracy required. The easiest method is to use your monitors build in calibration tools. Some displays, like those on Apple computers use a system of visual cues to set the contrast, color, and brightness of a monitor. This can be found in the Sytem Preferences > Display > Color > Calibrate... Apple has a great tutorial on display calibration.

While this method is a good start, it is not 100% accurate. 

X-rite Eye One (i1) Display 2

We recommend going one step further and using a specialized color calibration tool like the X-rite Eye-One series. This will ensure that your display meets measurable color standards.


What is a spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometers (or Spectros) are devices that measure the wavelength of light. Spectros are commonly used in photography to create ICC profiles.