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Aqueous Printer

An aqueous printer is an inkjet printer that uses water-based inks as the medium. The inks are contain either pigments or dyes as the coloring agents. Dyes are naturally soluble whereas pigments require a dispersing agent of some kind.


Can I print on canvas using my inkjet desktop printer?

If you have an larger inkjet printer (small consumer models could encounter problems printing on canvas, ruining your printer), chances are you can print on canvas with no issues. You will want to make sure that your printer has a print profile or setting for printing on canvas. If your printer does not you’ll need to download a profile for the specific canvas you plan on using. This will ensure the right amount of ink is laid down on the canvas, preventing ink from bleeding and ruining your print.

Before purchasing canvas cut sheets for your inkjet desktop printer you’ll want to make sure that you’re printer can handle the thickness of the canvas sheet. We do not recommend cutting down canvas rolls into cut sheet sizes as the canvas will most likely fray and could potentially harm you printer.

As with handling any media post print, make sure you handle the canvas delicately and allow for ample dry time.

If you’re having trouble finding inkjet canvas cut sheets, visit the IT Supplies Canvas Collection Page, we have several canvas cut sheet sizes ranging from 8.5”x11” to 17”x22”.




Solvent inks are inks that use a solvent as the pigment carrier which evaporates once applied to the substrate. The solvent carrier is necessary as the medium is usually a type of adhesive or glue that literally sticks to the surface of whatever is being printed on.

Epson GS 6000 solvent printer.Solvent based inks have been used primarily in the signage markets but have recently seen increased use in fine art printing with the introduction of the Epson GS series printers.


The paper I want to print on is not listed in my printer driver, can I still use it? Do I need an ICC profile?

The short answer is yes. Each printer manufacturer creates basic paper settings and names them according to their branded products. Using a similar setting will in general provide a good starting point. Most printer drivers also include advanced tools to adjust the ink and color to effectively create your own settings. ICC profiles do this work for you so we recommend finding or creating a customer profile for the best results.