What type of paper should I use for my print portfolio?

Whether you're a digital artist, graphic arts student, fashion designer or photographer this question comes up often.

The fact is there is no right or wrong answer, it is highly subjective. The answer is influenced by who you target audience is and what the overall message is for your work.

Many people will choose a matte fine art paper for a more artistic aesthetic while some photographers prefer barytas or fiber papers for a more photographic look-and-feel. 

Before making an investment in papers that are sometimes quite expensive, try printing on some sample prints on paper from a sample pack. This will allow you to test the waters with several different paper types and really determine what paper looks best for your prints at a much lower cost.

Moab's Ice Nine PortfolioAnother option would be using Moab Chinle Ice Nine Print Portfolios. Chinle Ice Nine Folios come in a variety of different paper options as well as sizes and contain 10 pre-scored sheets of paper (refils available.) To put these sleek portfolios together all you need to do is print and drop them in your book and your ready to go. Moab Print Portfolios are simple, portable and elegantly designed. Chinle Print Portfolios look great for a student graphic design or fashion print portfolio.