Ultra Fiberous and Unique Inkjet Media by Moab
Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 8:46AM
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Moab by Legion Paper has created a unique line of inkjet washi papers for the more discerning print maker.

Moab Moenkopi Unryu is an inkjet Japanese washi paper which literally translates to ‘cloud dragon paper’. Moab Washi paper is made by adding Mulberry long fiber to kozo on the mould. This process gives Unryu a thin, yet ultra textured, fibrous-veiny look and feel. If you’re looking to reproduce Japanese Fine Art work you absolutely need to try this paper. As with most washi paper this paper adds an ultra-unique, Japanese Fine Art aesthetic, giving your prints more character. This unique paper’s visible fibers definitely add an earthly look and feel that’s not usually characteristic of an inkjet fine art paper.

Moab Moenkopi Unryu 55gsm

Unryu gives a really cool touch to earthy and outdoor photographic print applications as well as traditional calligraphy. All around Moenkopi Unryu is different, in a good way! This fibrous paper really allows users to get creative with their inkjet prints by adding a touch of depth with its earthy Japanese flavor. Sample packs are available if you simply want to give this paper a try. Already use Moab Moenkopi Washi Papers? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

Backlit Image of Moab Moenkopi Unryu (Photo from ppmag.com)

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