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You're not done until you're finished

There are a number of post-printing inkjet canvas solutions on the market today as the inkjet canvas market continues to grow. PremierArt has developed a combination of post-print canvas solutions, that have been engineered to work together, creating the perfect long-lasting artistic canvas print.

Premier’s Eco Print Shield is a top-coat or inkjet varnish, designed to protect your canvas from harmful environmental factors such as UV rays, abrasions, moisture, humidity, atmospheric contaminants and fingerprints. This non-toxic inkjet canvas varnish is specially engineered for inkjet water resistant medias (Premier suggests using canvas that has been approved by Wilhelm Research.) Once you’ve stretched your canvas and applied Eco Print shield for protection you may wish to embellish your prints, giving your canvas print a painted look.

For an embellished aesthetic Premier has developed Eco Elegance, an inkjet canvas embellishing gel engineered for coupling with Eco Print Shield. After your Print Shield coating has completely cured and your print is stretched or mounted, Eco Elegance can be applied with a brush, roller or palette knife. Eco Elegance must be applied in thin layers allowing the gel to dry between coats in order to remain clear. Eco embellishing gel is unique because the gel can be mixed with acrylic paints (Non-compatible with oil paints), giving your canvas print a truly artistic painted look. Adding Eco Elegance gel can add that fine art aesthetic and added value that your customers desire, allowing you to create custom limited edition prints.

Click on the gallery photos below to view different application techniques of Eco Embellishing Gel

Experiment with brushes and palette knifes to give the directional flow, stroke and texture that feels right to you. Follow shapes, lines, movement and light direction in the image.Using very light strokes to create a gentler effect, only selectively adding Eco Elegance where desired.

For more information on PremierArt’s line of canvas finishing products simply visit the IT Supplies Website or check out Premier’s YouTube channel for instructional videos and more. As always we suggest you follow recommendations from Premier in regards to coating and embellishing your prints to achieve the best possible results.

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Reader Comments (2)

I am wondering if the embellishment gel is the same product as the print shield, thickened.
Also they have Clear and White.
Is the White just the Clear with white premixed - (must be)
They say you can pigment the clear with any acrylic paint.
At any rate, I ordered a gallon to play with.

September 29, 2010 | Registered CommenterDavid Peterson

Hey David,

I actually just spoke with a representative at PremierArt. He explained that the Eco Embillishing Gel White is indeed the same product as the Eco Embellishing Gel Clear, however, the White Gel does have an opaque white pigment added.

Hope this helps!

Ryan, IT Supplies Inc

September 30, 2010 | Registered CommenterRyan E.
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