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Adventures in Photography 

Hello, I’m Matt. I’m not a photographer (but I’m trying to learn). Recently I purchased a camera, (The Fuji film x10, which features will be expanded upon in future blogs) with intent to develop the trade by going out and shooting everything I could. I invite you to follow this layman, as I develop my craft. There will be bumps and difficulties along the road. I would like this forum to be one of interaction, whereby photographers can bounce ideas off one another and grow as artists through communication. This is my first adventure…

I set out with my camera and dad on a clear Sunday afternoon for my first shooting attempt. I was under the impression we would have a nice stroll through the forest preserve while I captured some shots of the overnight snowfall. What ensued was a five-hour trek through 6” of snow, being lost in the woods while the sun was going down. Suffice it to say, we made it back to our car safely, with our pride being the only victim.  Thankfully I was able to salvage a few photos from the shoot that I liked.

The picture above was taken in a large field buried within the forest. I found great solitude in the scene, given the illusion of a lone hiker trudging alone into the wild. I am trying to get used to balancing the object and use of the landscape. I fear I may have used too much landscape in the picture, trying to capture his footprints as well as the near trees.

Within this tree stump lay a small green vine, which I attempted to capture. As the photo stands now, it seems I did a better job of showing the snow enveloping the stump, as my original intent was to highlight the vine. If I focused more on the vine I would have lost the snow and the stump. I think the picture would have worked better if I had used a zoom to show the brief sprouting of plant life even in the dead of winter.

This ended up being the most successful and my favorite picture of the shoot. I went on the shoot assuming I would be able to see all kinds of wild life, but this wasn’t the case. We had yet to see one animal until the end of the shoot where we came across this lone deer. I would have like to have gotten closer but the deer wouldn’t give me the chance. I think the picture actually works, as I happen to catch the deer staring our way. I was able to also capture the sun hitting the orange leaves. This accentuates the overall look of the picture giving it a warm hue.

Overall it was a satisfying first shoot. I hope that in the future I can better my use of light and hues while I try different techniques. I would love to receive any help or feedback in response from the first shoot. You can always contact me at mzwirkoski@itsupplies.com Happy Shooting!

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