Moab Entrada Rag Fine Art Paper
Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 11:25AM
Matt K


If you are looking for an everyday fine art paper to print most of your images on, look no further than the Moab Entrada Rag paper. What makes this paper such a great choice is not only its fantastic quality, but its versatility.

The most popular Moab paper is available in a two different thicknesses. The thinner version is 190gsm or the thicker version 300gsm. Both the thin version and the thick version come in different brightness levels. You can either select the bright white version which will give you a nice color pop to your images or you can select the natural white version without optical brighteners which has a warmtone base for maximum longevity. The Entrada Rag is a 100% cotton, acid and lingen free paper giving the prints a museum grade rating in terms of longevity.

The one characteristic of this paper that is difficult to find in other fine art medias is that all four combinations of this media (190gsm/300gsm and bright white/natural white) come as a double sided material. What this will allow you to do is print on both sides of the paper for applications such as professional books or small 5”x7” cards.

ICC profiles for the Moab Entrada Rag can be downloaded directly from Moab’s website. Any of the Moab papers can be purchased from IT Supplies here.

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