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Customer Showcase - Avery Danziger Chooses Hot Press for Exhibition Display

Avery Danziger’s artwork has been turning heads for over thirty years. His photography and filmmaking have inspired and awed the public. He also has instructed aspiring artists in perfecting their craft. Mr. Danziger’s art has been exhibited around the world including: Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) — NYC, The Smithsonian American Art Museum — Washington, DC, and The Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art — Amsterdam, Holland.

Recently, Mr. Danziger has been working on the Harlem Valley/Wingdale Project. He is the last photographer given access to the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Hospital, allowing an opportunity for a new artistic endeavor. The hospital was opened in 1924 and in operation until it’s closing in 1994. Since then, the buildings have been abandoned, leaving the compound completely desolate.

While on the complex, Avery is required to wear a Hazmat suit due to toxic conditions caused by excess mold. The facility is also loaded with PCBs (from the electrical transformers and leaking equipment) and lead paint that cakes the floor. He expects that comleting the photographics survey of Harlem Valley will take at least another 2 years.  Starting June 22nd, 2012, large framed prints of this series will be exhibited at the Atrium Gallery in St. Louis, MO. Information on the exhibit can be found at www.atriumgallery.net.

Mr. Danziger has chosen to print on the Epson Hot Press Bright paper for the display of his exhibitions. This paper is part of a new line from Epson known as “Signature Worthy.” Avery uses the paper because he “loves the color gamut, saturation and depth of color, and the fact that although it is one of the heaviest papers around, Epson has managed to design it to lay pretty much flat right off the printer! Love this paper!” The Epson Hot Press Bright is available in sheets and in rolls, ranging from 8.5”x11” sheets to 60”x50’ rolls.

For more info on Avery Danziger and some of his other work, check out his website at www.averydanziger.com


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