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Adventures in Photography: The War on Drugs-Schuba’s Tavern 8/8/12

I am an avid fan of “music.” This was my first opportunity to do a comprehensive shoot of a band that I love (The War on Drugs) playing live. Suffice it to say, I really didn’t know what I was going to try to capture or the means of doing so, but overall I was satisfied with the outcome. At some points I wished I was further form the stage and at some points closer, this is a feeling most performance art photographers struggle with on a daily basis I imagine. The hardest part was capturing the energy of the artists on stage. Many photos tried to emulate that feeling, but were blurred in the mix. Therefore, I used the blurring to my advantage when editing them. The lighting on the stage and in the surrounding crowd was pretty difficult to work with. The lights from stage kept hitting my lens at strange angles, therefore, red shone through most of the photos.

In retrospect, I would have liked to find a better setting on the camera whereby I could attune the light of the photographs to the lighting of the room. This is the shoot I was left with. Some I really liked and some didn’t work too well for what I was trying to accomplish. I’ve picked out a few favorites form the night.

I originally shot this one in color but felt by editing to black and white would enhance the overall take away of the picture. I really like the smirk I caught on the drummer’s face here.

The blurred effect really worked well in this picture. As you can see there is the red/magenta bleed I had for most of the shoot.

This doesn’t necessarily count as a “live” picture but it was of the ones I liked. All the lighting from the street hit this glass well on the playbills. The dark wood on the doors in that light from the sidewalk is really nice.

These last two show the blurred effect pretty well. Even though the band members stayed in their same spots for the most part, the movements they made were pretty spastic. These two captured that.

(A vain bonus: here’s a picture a friend took of me playing with the band. I got picked from the crowd for song!)


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