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Adventures in Photography: The Photography of Dan Goers


Dan Goers is a local Chicago photographer that has been gaining traction with some of his latest shoots. What follows is an interview and selected shots from his most recent project highlighting Chicago’s “industry” quarter.

What do you usually shoot with?

As of right now, I have a pretty basic gear line up. I shoot with a Nikon D7000, and use an 18-300mm mega zoom and a 50mm prime for my lenses. For this shoot I only used my 18-300. I definitely would love more lenses, but at the same time, only having two is great for travel and shooting as many shots as possible.



What inspired this industrial shoot?

The reason I love photography so much is that it can take you on an adventure to places you never expected to go. I make very impulsive decisions in life and it shows through my photography. I can be shooting in rural America at the beginning of the day and then end up at an industrial wasteland by the afternoon. At that point I saw a part of Chicago that I had never really seen before and just kinda got lost in all of it.

What shots were you most satisfied with?

The one of the building tops with just the tip of the Greater Fulton Market building appearing was my favorite just because the second after I took that shot, I was kicked out of the location for trespassing. I also enjoy the shots that show the barb wire and techniques used to keep people out of the property. This highlighted the graffiti decorated buildings; looks like the anti-trespassing techniques aren’t working (chuckles). I am just one of those people that think graffiti adds character.



What specifically were you attempting to portray with these images?

Honestly, sometimes I am going for a concept during a shoot, and sometimes I am just exploring, learning, and trying new techniques. I just found myself in a new part of Chicago I had never been before. There is a lot of history and mystery to these areas and it’s fun to learn about, explore, and imagine what that place looked like 50 years ago.



Any plans for future shoots?

Though I usually just fly by the seat of my pants, I am looking at shooting a small airport around my neighborhood, as well as a desolate motel I found last week.


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