Adventures in Photography: Skiing Colorado
Monday, March 4, 2013 at 11:09AM

I’ve been skiing for the last twenty years. This year was different. This year was special. This year I nearly killed myself. (But more of that later). I took one day out of the 4 to take pictures. I took over 50 in different locations across Beaver Creek, CO. These are some of the best that I had captured that day.

This last picture needs explaining. That is me in what looks to be a body bag. But I assure you all I am alive and well this very moment. I had a bad fall and had to be “skied” down the mountain by Vail’s excellent ski patrol. It was a dangerous reminder that though skiing can be fun, beautiful, and exciting, it can also be extremely dangerous. Let’s be honest though, it made for a great picture. Be safe if you’re doing any winter activies this March, and always wear a helmet!

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