Mirage Rip Software
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 11:17AM
Matt Z in Image Editing, Printing, mirage, rip, software

Mirage has really stepped up their game on their latest version of RIP software. The version 2.0, works with various Epson printers, from the R2000 to the 11880. The greatest advantage with this software is its ability to improve workflow. If you are dealing with one image that you’ve perfected and need it printed multiple times, Mirage software helps you utilize speed and efficiency you can’t find with anywhere else. It’s the perfect solution for a small studio, with a 14 day free trial available. Using it myself, I found it easier than any other RIP software I had tried before. When your image has been edited it only takes a few clicks and you are instantly printing beautiful images.  

Here is a link to the 14 day trial: http://mirage.dinax.de/index.php/downloads-48.html


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