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How to Create and Use Quick Sets in the Onyx RIP Software

How to Create and Use Quick Sets in the Onyx RIP Software

Quick Sets are a great tool to streamline and automate repetitive tasks within the Onyx RIP Software. Simple tasks such as rotating images, adding crop marks, or creating a cut contour workflow can be automated through creating a Quick Set.

Creating a Quick Set:

When in the RIP Queue of Onyx, first have your printer highlighted in the top section and then click on the “Configure Printer” icon in the top toolbar. When you click on “Configure Printer”, all file processing and printing will stop so be sure you are no running anything in the RIP software when configuring the printer.



The Configure Printer window will pop up in a separate window and immediately bring you to the Quick Sets tab. From here, you are able to Add, Copy, Edit, or Delete a Quick Set. To add a Quick Set, simply click on the “New…” button.



When creating a Quick Set, you are first prompted to give the Quick Set a name at the top. From there, you can edit any of the settings on the main screen to create and automated task such as assigning a media profile and print mode, rotating an image, creating multiple copies, or turning on the Cut Contour Feature. In the lower left is also an advanced button giving you more options to adjust some settings.



Within the advanced tab, there are several options which are very useful to have in an automated workflow. First, in the output tab, you will have the rotate function again as well as the “Calculate Ink Usage”. This will give you a breakdown of how much ink will be used per job.

On the marks tab, you have the options to be able to add registration marks, add crop marks or crop outlines, and add a print annotation or print label to all of your prints. For the print label, click on the enable function, then the option to “Setup” will be enabled.

Finally, one of Onyx 11’s newest features will have the ability to add Sewing Marks to your prints. By clicking on the sewing marks tab, you will see that you have the same functionality as what is in the Job Editor module. Simply enable the sewing marks and select all of your custom settings to have the marks print on all items sent through this Quick Set.



Using the Quick Set:

To use the Quick Set on an image is simple! When you are opening your image, you will have a dropdown list on the right side that lists your Quick Sets. From there, select the Quick Set that you want to apply and then click open.


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