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Hands on L360

At first look it seems to be around the same size as the 260. The first noticeable difference after unboxing the printer is it’s now on its side, the previous version came upside down. The printer still needs to be flipped upside down, which is fairly simple. The printer easily slides partly off the skid, then rolls to the upside down position. Other than that, the set-up is the same as before, putting the stand together, then connecting the stand to printer and rolling it over.

Once the printer is on the stand and turned on, there are simple step by step directions for updating the firmware and selecting your personal preferences. After that, you are only a few steps away from printing! Simply install the print heads, run some calibrations and you will be ready to go.

A few major changes that stood out to me were warm up time, the removable platen and the “on board” profiling system. What HP did with the warm up time is incredible! It went from a 5-8 minute process to under a minute. This will help a lot since we do various amounts of samples and short runs. There will be no more waiting, which is going to be very very nice. The removable platen is handy if you want to run thin fabrics. It is super easy to remove and clean. As for the “on board” profiling, it has a wizard-based walkthrough. It took about 40 minutes for us to create a profile from start to finish. There will be several generic profiles to choose from, after choosing the closest one, there is a valuable clone button option. Select the clone you created and click modify. After following the steps you will have a great looking profile!


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