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Where & How to Service your Printer

Like any piece of electronics equipment, printers can and will eventually break down over time. Most printers come with a standard manufacturer warranty and most have option extended warranties available. We realize that sometimes a warranty might be expired and rather than purchase a new printer you may want to simply service your printer.

If your printer is still under manufacturer warranty, get in contact with the manufacturer and see what can be done for your situation. If you’re out of warranty then each manufacturer has information for qualified service vendors for your printer. The links and phone numbers below will help get you started on getting your printer up and operational again!

Warranty Information

Epson Warranty: (562) 276-4382

Canon Warranty: 1-800-423-2366

HP Warranty: Available online

Servicing your Printer

Epson Service Center Locator

Canon Service Locator

HP Authorized Support Providers

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