EPSON SureColor S80600 WINNER of Readers' Choice Top Product

Great news! Epson will be receiving two Wide-Format & Signage 2017 Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards at ISA this month. The SureColor S80600 was selected for “Output Device: Solvent (24-inches+)” and the UltraChrome GSX Ink won in the “Ink & Toner: Solvent (Eco/Mild/Hard)” category. Both products will receive coverage in the April issue of Wide-Format & Signage, out April 1.


Where & How to Service your Printer

Like any piece of electronics equipment, printers can and will eventually break down over time. Most printers come with a standard manufacturer warranty and most have option extended warranties available. We realize that sometimes a warranty might be expired and rather than purchase a new printer you may want to simply service your printer.

If your printer is still under manufacturer warranty, get in contact with the manufacturer and see what can be done for your situation. If you’re out of warranty then each manufacturer has information for qualified service vendors for your printer. The links and phone numbers below will help get you started on getting your printer up and operational again!

Warranty Information

Epson Warranty: (562) 276-4382

Canon Warranty: 1-800-423-2366

HP Warranty: Available online

Servicing your Printer

Epson Service Center Locator

Canon Service Locator

HP Authorized Support Providers


Getting the Best Printer for an Efficient Workflow

Efficiency – it’s something that people in the world crave, yet very few of us are actually possess. We want things to work faster, function better, and make our lives easier.

Change can often seem overwhelming and time consuming. These feelings make it hard to embrace new technological advances that could have an overall beneficial effect on our business. Often we have been doing things for so long that familiarity creates a comfort zone that continually becomes less efficient over time. The struggle comes from challenging our belief that we have things down to a “science”. Processes seem efficient because we know how things work, and have been doing it for years. Does any of this sound familiar?

Staying in our comfort zone leads to holding on to equipment or a manufacturer that doesn’t actually serve us very well when it comes to workflow and efficiency. Over time a workflow that was once efficient is made less so by new equipment and software that are designed around making things much easier, without sacrificing quality.

As a reseller of HP Latex and Epson SureColor S-Series printers we are biased of course. But that bias is backed by evidence. These 2 companies have created some of the best large format equipment out there with 2 things in mind: QUALITY, and of course, EFFICIENCY. Some of the major benefits of these machines with regard to efficiency include (but aren’t limited to): ease of use, profile loading, print speeds, dry times, 3M MCS warranty, robust media feeds, simple maintenance, and consistent print quality.

Other printers out there have a few of these things, but the HP Latex and Epson S-Series have them all. Of course not all printers are a good fit for all contexts. This is why we encourage you to talk to one of our Commercial Sales Reps about what would be the best fit for you.

Bottom line: Printers, finishing equipment, and software are evolving over time to improve efficiency and reduce cost. HP & Epson are leaders in the industry and without a doubt some of the best printers on the market…Let us help you pick the best solution for your specific situation.

Contributed by Joe Kitchens, Commercial Sales Rep


Eizo ColorEdge and FlexScan Monitors Now Available

For those interested in high quality monitors for color accuracy look no further. IT Supplies now sells Eizo ColorEdge and FlexScan Graphics Monitors.
Click here to see the full line of monitors.

Setting up a ThermTX Rotary Heat Press

Check out our video on how to set up a ThremTX Rotary Heat Press - Available at IT Supplies.com here or give us a call at 1-800-771-9665.