Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic

Among photo papers, metallic papers offer a unique finish for your prints and Hahnemühle just raised the bar with their new and sophisticated Photo Rag® Metallic paper. This line was formulated by Hahnemühle in-house at their mill and is made with 100% cotton rag paper. It maintains the surface structure of their Photo Rag® paper and has silvery-shimmering, high gloss finish.

Photo Rag® Metallic has the artistic look and feel of a traditional fine art paper and is not resin coated. Even without OBAs this paper has a high white point. You will find that this paper produces stunning color prints as well as black and white with its baryta coating. This line is perfect for images containing reflective pieces like glass, ice, water, and architecture as well as landscapes. 

Try out the natural white metallic paper from Hahnemühle here!

To learn more about Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic paper, view the data sheet here.

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Define: Spectrophotometer

If you are starting to investigate color management and the tools available, you might have come across a device called a spectrophotometer. Besides being a fun word to say, what exactly is a spectrophotometer?

A spectrophotometer is a device that measures color. That may be all you need to know, and if you aren’t interested in more detail on that, go ahead and skip this paragraph. Nerds stay with me. The spectrophotometer is a combination of a spectrometer, which produces and measures light, and a photometer, which detects and measures the lights’ intensity. Spectrophotometers operate by using a light source directed at the object to be measured. The light passes through a monochromator and then the correct wavelength is selected. The spectrophotometer measures the intensity of the light after it passes through a sample solution and delivers a digital reading of calculated numerical color values.

Depending on the type of spectrophotometer, it will measure the color in different ways. Your selection of devices depends on your needs and intended applications. Do you need the device to be portable? Will you need it for smooth or matte surfaces? Having answers to these types of questions will guide you in the selection process. Of the UV-visible spectrophotometers, there are three main kinds to be aware of:

0º/45º (or 45º/0º) Spectrophotometers are the most common type and are often used for smooth or matte surfaces. The fixed angle that this spectrophotometer uses is typically a 45º angle and it is the device that can replicate the human eye’s experience of color the closest.

Sphere Spectrophotometers are not limited by any specific angle range. These instruments are lined with a white matte and highly reflective surface that is designed to reflect and scatter the light into all directions. The user can choose to include or not include the glossiness of the object being measured. Sphere spectrophotometers are often used for textiles, plastics and shiny and reflective surfaces.

Multi-Angle Spectrophotometers view the sample from multiple angles to ensure it captures the way the surface or coating varies depending on how the light hits it. So, these spectrophotometers are often used for automotive coatings, nail polish, metallic and pearlescent coatings.

If your business depends on brand colors and color-consistency for prints and products, this is an essential tool for you. To view our selection of spectrophotometers, click here. If you would like to talk to our color experts to learn more or see if your business could benefit from color management tools, give us a call at (800) 771-9665.

Sourced Article from X-Rite


Epson Certified Solution Center Now Open at IT Supplies in Chicago

IT Supplies Offers Customers Hands-on Experience with Epson Solutions

LONG BEACH, Calif. – Oct. 11, 2018 – Epson today announced IT Supplies in Chicago has opened its Epson Certified Solution Center. The operational solution center showcases unique Epson printing solutions and applications, with a comprehensive portfolio that includes dye-sublimation, signage, photography, and direct-to-garment printing solutions. This center will allow IT Supplies to provide its customers with the opportunity to engage with product experts and run test print samples using their own files.

“We want to inspire customers to do tremendous things, and are excited to partner with IT Supplies in the first official reseller solution center opening,” said John Meyer, manager, Wide Format Channel, Epson America, Inc. “These Epson Certified Solution Centers are designed to showcase the depth of capabilities that Epson has to offer, as well as allow end-customers to realize the full potential of partnering with Epson.”

This new Epson Certified Solution Center is conveniently located at the IT Supplies’ offices in the greater Chicago area. It will provide customers with an immersive experience, including:

-       Full suite of SureColor® production equipment

-       Extensive print samples and applications

-       Comprehensive customer training opportunities

“We are excited to partner with Epson to bring this Solution Center to our customers here in Chicago,” said Jeff Lucido, general manager, Commercial Sales, IT Supplies. “Epson offers a wide variety of digital print technology that allows our customers to be successful in their businesses – from small- to wide-format inkjet aqueous printers to production level wide-format solvent printers. This new Solution Center will allow us to demonstrate firsthand the benefits of working with Epson technology.”

For additional information or to schedule a visit at the new IT Supplies Epson Certified Solution Center, visit

Epson North America Technology Center

In addition to regional Solution Centers, key customers are also able to visit the Epson Technology Center in Carson, Calif. The Epson Technology Center will showcase unique Epson printing solutions and applications, and provide a comprehensive, hands-on experience for customers and dealers with the full Epson wide-format printing portfolio. For additional information, visit

About IT Supplies

IT Supplies is a full service printing solutions company that offers everything for the perfect print. Knowledgeable professionals help assess the best solution to fit customers’ needs. IT Supplies is your one stop shop for ink, media, canvas, sign/banner, and more. For additional information, visit

About Epson
Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things and information with its original efficient, compact and precision technologies. With a lineup that ranges from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, watches and industrial robots, the company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics.

Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 76,000 employees in 87 companies around the world, and is proud of its contributions to the communities in which it operates and its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts.

Epson America, Inc., based in Long Beach, Calif., is Epson’s regional headquarters for the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. To learn more about Epson, please visit: You may also connect with Epson America on Facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube (, and Instagram (

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EPSON and SureColor are registered trademarks, EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation. All other product and brand names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims any and all rights in these marks. Copyright 2018 Epson America, Inc.


What You Need to Know Before You Buy a [DTG] Printer

Introduction written by  Lann Tarrant III - IT Supplies’ Commercial Sales Manager

For the past 3 years I have had the honor of teaching a class with Matt Rhome from Epson America.  In this class we cover an array of topics that anyone looking to buy a printer should consider.  Although the class does highlight the Epson F2100, the biggest takeaway for most attendees is his focus on the buying process.
In the end, you are making a big decision that impacts the success of your business.  No matter the technology you are looking to buy, consider this article and it’s suggestions.


Click here to read the full article from the SGIA Journal, written by Epson America’s Matthew Rhome.



Dye Sublimation for Holiday Printing

It is hard to believe, but it’s already time to start preparing for the holiday season. In the creative and print industries, the coming holidays present opportunities to produce customized gifts.  The machines that will do it all - mugs, clothing, neck ties, socks, pillow cases, stockings, metal prints and more – are dye sublimation printers. If you want to start this holiday season with the technology to produce unique gifts for your customers on a wide range of materials and with high profit margins, give dye sublimation some thought. These printers will allow you to get more creative and expand your product offering. From larger orders to one-of-a-kind pieces, dye sublimation can help you thrive in this holiday season.