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10 Reasons to Buy a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 Printer

Top 10 reasons to buy a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000:

1. Comes with FULL ink set upfront vs starter set (per other brands)
2. Printer uses less ink during printing and cleaning cycles
3. Replaceable print head (if within warranty, Canon will send free replacement and after a new head is purchased, it is under its own warranty with the same process)  -takes minutes to replace and easy.  Previous series (x400) contained 2 heads; Pro series have a larger yet, single head for better ink placement.
4. Automatic roll feeding (less handling when feeding in the printer).  ALSO- secondary roll unit which can act as another roll or take-up reel.  Both rolls can be loaded at same time with same or different media.  Choose the media thru the computer and it will automatically print to that media without any physical changes.  That easy!
5. LCD provide ink level as well as *reservoir* level underneath so you can see the amount of ink left in the tub going from the ink cartridge to the print head.
6. Hot swappable ink tanks (will be able to change cartridges while in printing mode and won’t stop printer.)
7. 3 ink tank sizes that can be interchanged depending on color usage (160, 330 and 700 ml)
8. Standard quality photo prints will look very similar to high quality printing (verified per our Canon tech when doing a test print for a client while it was printing).  The client was very shocked that the quality looked great in standard mode!
9. Printer is so quiet you barely notice it printing.  The body of the printer is solid to reduce shaking while printing.
10. Lots of free tools (plug-ins and software) that will help with printing; located here
Accounting Manager- input paper type and size and Canon software will provide exact ink usage per print along with cost (to help provide the best price to give your customers)  Video demonstration of software here.
Media Configuration Tool - allows you to create custom media settings for media (example: use photo black instead of matte black or vice versa) on a specific media type.
Print Studio Pro - Adobe Photoshop plug-in that allows you to make any basic adjustments to the image upfront and you can view most of the image specs directly vs going thru different menu options. Watch a demo here.
PosterArtist Lite- A simple Canon software that allows you to create quick posters (templates and images available upfront; and can import files). Watch a demo here.

IT Supplies at NBM Ft. Lauderdale

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HP DesignJet Z2600 & Z5600 Printers: Mandatory firmware upgrade

Due to a firmware bug, the HP DesignJet Z2600/Z5600 printers will reject trade ink cartridges with Warranty End Date March 2019 onwards. It is very important to note that the supplies ARE NOT defective. To address this issue, it is mandatory to upgrade all the printers in the field to the new released firmware version: 01_02_00.4. Once upgraded, the printer will no longer reject the cartridges, as the firmware fixes the problem.


Epson SureColor P5000 and Stylus Pro 4900 Differences

Differences between SureColor P5000 & Stylus Pro 4900

Epson’s newest printer, the SureColor P5000 replaces the previous generation’s Stylus Pro 4900. So what’s the difference between the two printers?

Epson SureColor P5000 Improvements Over Previous Generation

  • 200mL UltraChrome HDX 10-Color Newly developed “Core Pigments”
  • Orange, Green and Black Inks that are 1.5 time denser than the Stylus Pro 4900.
  • Wider contrast ratio and improved resin encapsulation technology.
  • Superior gloass uniformity and optically clearer, sharper images.
  • Improved dust and static control for reduced nozzle clogging and maintenance and supports printless nozzle checks for time, production and resource efficiency.