New fiber paper option from Canson Infinity- Platine Fibre Rag 310gsm 

Platine Fibre Rag Paper is a 310gsm fibre (fiber) paper from Canson Infinity is now available at IT Supplies. In our recent survey you asked that we continue to stock new fine art and photo paper options, we’ve answered. Platine Fibre is an archival, 100% acid-free paper that doesn’t use OBA’s, giving this fiber paper a true pure white tone. With its high Dmax and detailed grey tones Platine Fibre is the perfect choice for users seeking a paper that produces high quality black and white prints. Canson Platine is designed to aesthetically replicate the original F-Type Baryta Fibre papers of the traditional darkroom in inkjet format.


Wilhelm Imaging Research releases print permanence ratings for Canon iPF8300

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. is an industry leader that conducts research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital color photographs and motion pictures. Recently Wilhelm ran print permanence ratings for the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300 using both Canon Satin Photographic Paper 190gsm & Canon Fine Art Photo Rag by Hahnemuhle. Print permanence ratings test both album and dark storage of the two papers, printed using Canon’s new LUCIA EX Pigment Inks. Wilhelm suggests that tests on other papers are soon to come, for the full article by Wilhelm Imaging Research click here.


You're not done until you're finished

There are a number of post-printing inkjet canvas solutions on the market today as the inkjet canvas market continues to grow. PremierArt has developed a combination of post-print canvas solutions, that have been engineered to work together, creating the perfect long-lasting artistic canvas print.

Premier’s Eco Print Shield is a top-coat or inkjet varnish, designed to protect your canvas from harmful environmental factors such as UV rays, abrasions, moisture, humidity, atmospheric contaminants and fingerprints. This non-toxic inkjet canvas varnish is specially engineered for inkjet water resistant medias (Premier suggests using canvas that has been approved by Wilhelm Research.) Once you’ve stretched your canvas and applied Eco Print shield for protection you may wish to embellish your prints, giving your canvas print a painted look.

For an embellished aesthetic Premier has developed Eco Elegance, an inkjet canvas embellishing gel engineered for coupling with Eco Print Shield. After your Print Shield coating has completely cured and your print is stretched or mounted, Eco Elegance can be applied with a brush, roller or palette knife. Eco Elegance must be applied in thin layers allowing the gel to dry between coats in order to remain clear. Eco embellishing gel is unique because the gel can be mixed with acrylic paints (Non-compatible with oil paints), giving your canvas print a truly artistic painted look. Adding Eco Elegance gel can add that fine art aesthetic and added value that your customers desire, allowing you to create custom limited edition prints.

Click on the gallery photos below to view different application techniques of Eco Embellishing Gel

Experiment with brushes and palette knifes to give the directional flow, stroke and texture that feels right to you. Follow shapes, lines, movement and light direction in the image.Using very light strokes to create a gentler effect, only selectively adding Eco Elegance where desired.

For more information on PremierArt’s line of canvas finishing products simply visit the IT Supplies Website or check out Premier’s YouTube channel for instructional videos and more. As always we suggest you follow recommendations from Premier in regards to coating and embellishing your prints to achieve the best possible results.


The "Daguerre" in Hahnemuhle Daguerre

Hi Blog Readers,

In my reading for this photography class I am taking this semester, I was reminded of a product we carry! We are talking “light-bulb moment” reminded here. You know the Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas? I read about a Parisian painter named Louis Daguerre in my text book. He was involved in the history of photography. Apparently, he perfected the process of heliography [the photographic process to make the earliest known permanent photograph from nature] in the 1830’s. The term for an entire photographic process in the historical timeline of photography even calls the prints “daguerreotypes.”

Pretty cool, right? I never even thought to look up who Daguerre was when I saw that product… I just figured it was another painter.

Teena - IT Supplies, Inc


Affordable portfolios, resumes & client books with Moab's icy cool Chinle Folios

If you’re looking to create a sleek portfolio while strapped for time, resources, and funds for expensive third party portfolios the Moab Chinle Ice Nine Portfolio is your calling. The easy screw-post assembly allows you to take your work from your inkjet printer directly to your portfolio by placing your pre-scored sheets into your folio in a matter of minutes. Place up to 40 pages in your print portfolio, with a multitude of display configurations. The award winning design by Case Envy is modern & stylish, yet classic, giving Moab Chinle Portfolios a nice twist and creative edge compared to traditional print display.

Ice Nine Portfolios come in two sizes, a smaller and more portable 8”x9” and a larger 12”x13” option. Chinle Print Portfolios are available with different paper options which include Entrada Rag (Natural & Bright) and Lasal Photo Matte. The pre-scored sheets come ten per portfolio with refillable 25 & 50 sheet packs of Moab Entrada Rag, Lasal Photo Matte, and Colorado Fiber (Satine & Gloss) also available. The pre-scored sheets allow users to simply swap out papers depending on your presentation needs.

Moab Chinle Ice Nine Print Portfolios are the perfect option for photography and graphic design students looking to present portfolios or resumes in an impressive manor to professors and potential employers. The edgy and modern design also gives photographers flexibility to offer an affordable book for wedding prints, senior portraits and other potential book-seeking clients. Don’t hide your prints behind cheap plastic sleeves or digital screens, physically engage the senses of your clients by proudly displaying your work with Moab’s Chinle Print Portfolios. If you’ve previously worked with Chinle Portfolios, feel free to share your experiences below.

For ICC Profiles click here, for assembly instructions click here.