8.5"x11" Inkjet Metallic Photo Papers back in-stock!

IT Supplies now has 8.5”x11” packs of both Mitsubishi Grace Metallic Paper and Chrome Pearlescent Metallic Paper in-stock and ready to ship. Due to heavy demand for sample packs we’ve also added a 10-Sheet Sample Pack to our Chrome line of metallic inkjet papers. At only $14.99 there’s no better option than IT Supplies for sampling inkjet metallic photo paper!


Congratulations to our blog survey winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our free Epson V300 Scanner give away: Clovia Ng, Janna Cole, Steven Vallarsa, Michael Jakubowski and Kaye York! We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from all our survey participants and plan on using the information provided to improve your overall experience with IT Supplies. We hope you continue to take advantage of our blog resources. We’ll be sure to keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest products, how-to’s, offers and special blog-exclusive promotions.


Great response from our free scanner survey & Hahnemuhle buy two get one deal

We’ve had great responses for both our Hahnemuhle buy two get one deal and our blog survey entries to win a free Epson V300 Scanner. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as both offers have now expired. But don’t worry keep your eyes on our blog for more blog-exclusive deals and chances to win free stuff!


New Epson MetallicProof Film & Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 Proofing Printer

Epson MetallicProof Film is a unique professional media designed for color critical label and package proofing applications. Epson Metallic Proof was developed by Seiko Epson Chemists, this all-new silver film technology is capable of high ink capacity for extreme color gamut while also fast drying for higher productivity. Designed specifically for Epson UltraChrome HDR White Ink Technology and the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900.

The Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 Proofing Printer doesn’t ship with any specific RIP. At this point, the following RIP’s are either working on or are ready to ship with drivers for the Epson WT7900 Proofing Edition Printer: CGS, ColorBurst, EFI, ESKO, GMG, Kodak & Serendipity.

All RIP’s have different tools and functionality included or as optional add-ons. Please make sure that your RIP can do what you expect it to do. You’ll find that some RIP’s work seamlessly with your current workflow.

IT Supplies usually recommends starting with the RIP that you currently use to drive you other inkjet printers. This way, the learning curve will be the lowest. You will most likely need to upgrade to the latest version of your RIP to allow it to connect to the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer. Some people will not need Dot Proofs, others need Pantone spot colors, overprints, transparency, etc. Some need all the aforementioned and more. Again, check with your RIP manufacturer to see if they drive the printer and to what extent.

If you don’t have a RIP of choice in mind, we would be glad to help steer you in the right direction based on your needs.

Although this cool new proofing media from Epson is Shipping in Mid-August we got our hands on some and took the media to our lab right away. As soon as we ran some test prints on our Epson WT7900 we were really excited with the results. The Epson MetallicProof Film itself is ‘mirror-like’ reflective metallic, which allows the white ink technology to really shine through on this metallic proofing media. This metallic proofing media allows users to create custom mock-ups, proofs and color accurate prototype packaging with full true metallic effects.

Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 Test Print Gallery (Click on images below for a larger view)

Epson MetallicProof Print coming off our Epson WT7900 Proofing Edition Printer

Proofing Print on Epson MetallicProof Film

Product prototype proofing applications using Epson Carolina Cover C1S, another benefit of the Epson WT7900’s capabilities

IDEAlliance Measurement Target Printed on Epson ClearProof Film Printed using our lab’s WT7900 Proofing Printer

The high ink absorption layer of Epson MetallicProof Film allows users to achieve a higher color gamut. When printing on MetallicProof Film without using white ink base, metallic colors such as gold and bronze, as well as an assortment of blues, greens and reds can be achieved. For more information on Epson White Ink Technology Click Here.

Purchase an Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 at IT Supplies and get a Free Roll of 24” Epson ClearProof Film and Epson MetallicProof Film Free. This offer won’t last long so purchase your Epson WT7900 Proofing Printer today and get this exciting new media free!


Make it a wrap with JetMaster Display Systems Gallery Wraps

One of the fastest sellers in today’s market has been the ‘gallery wrap.’ 3 dimensional decor images make an impact wherever they are displayed - on the wall at your home, at the office, at a special event or on your grandmother’s mantle.


Whether you’re creating prints for an exhibition or home decor, a simple, reliable and low-cost solution is the best option. The JetMaster Display System for any inkjet photo, fine art papers and canvas is the ideal gallery wrap system with its simple design and easy assembly. 

Print your favorite picture on either inkjet canvas or photo paper using templates provided in the link below.

Gently peel away a small section of the release liner and position your print on the pre-cut board. Peel off the rest of the release liner, pressing the print flat and smooth on to the board you do so. Trim around the edges of the template with a craft knife, then peel away the remaining release liner.

Fold in and press down the self-adhesive, pre-cut tabs to form the box edges, pressing in the print at each corner to make them neat. Secure with an adhesive tab – and you have a beautiful, boxed print, ready for hanging. 

Your JetMaster Wrap is now ready for display at your home, office, exhibition, or your grandmother’s mantleWith JetMaster, durable, lightweight gallery wraps can be created in minutes, using just a craft knife and a cutting surface. The base is a pre-cut, pre-laminate corrugated board to which you simply trim and adhere your print, and fold over the edges. No bubbles, untidy corners, staples or hooks. A fully assembled JetMaster ‘gallery wrap’ is so light it can be hung from just one tack. 

JetMaster is a do-it-yourself inkjet gallery wrap that does not require the stretching and fixing of canvas. The benefits to you are speed, lower cost, flexibility to use any inkjet fine art paper or canvas and inkjet printer combination. JetMaster Display Systems are available in 8.5”x11”, 13”x19”, 16.47”x20.47” and 20.47”x24.47”.

For instructions and Photoshop templates click here.

JetMaster Display System Benefits:   

  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Works with any inkjet printer and media combination
  • Use your favorite paper or canvas
  • Low Cost: $5-6 per wrap depending on media type and ink load on an 8.5”x11” JetMaster Wrap
  • Ships flat
  • Easily print and display your favorite photos without ever having to stretch canvas