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12-Color or 8-Color Printer?

A popular question regarding the selection of a wide-format printer is whether or not the customers should purchase an 8-color or 12-color printer for their business.

Why would you want an 8-Color Printer?

An 8-Color Printer works best for users that aren’t overly concerned with producing an extremely high quality or gallery quality print…but still getting a machine that can produce posters and other graphics where very high quality and color gamut can be spared for the price of speed with the ability to produce prints 30-40% faster than 12-Color Units? 8-Color printers have lower initial ink costs up front, however, over time savings can be substantial with 12-Color Printers.

Why would you want a 12-Color Printer?

12-Color printers are great for users in the fine art and photo space in which the utmost quality is demanded by the end user. These printers can produce a sellable print that can be gallery displayed on higher end media. 12-Colors printer will actually save in ink costs over time as they contain more ink colors, it’s not necessary to “mix” colors that are missing from the 8-Color ink set.