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New - Moab Slickrock Silver Metallic Inkjet Paper!

The newest addition to Moab’s metallic range of inkjet papers is a silver metallic photo paper. Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver 300gsm is super shiny, true metallic inkjet paper with a unique instant dry coating for vivid image reproduction. The silver metallic surface of Slickrock Silver produces images that jump off the paper and can be handled immediately after printing due to the instant dry nature of the paper.

Print on Moab Slickrock Silver Metallic Inkjet Paper

This heavyweight 300gsm inkjet silver metallic paper is ideal for both fine art, unique photo applications and everyday image reproduction. High constrast images and landscape photographs look stunning on this unique photo paper. New Slickrock Metallic Silver is the closest you can get in printing on actual metal with printing on an RC photo paper base. Moab Slickrock Inkjet Metallic Silver Paper is compatible with both dye and pigment based ink cartridges and is available in both sheets and rolls.