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HP Latex 370 Printer - Shipping July 2015

HP Latex 370 Printer

Shipping July 2015!

HP just announced the new “big brother” to their innovative 3 series of Latex printers, the L370. This reliable print solution ensures confidence that your print jobs will be completed with fabulous quality and no issues. The printer is ideal for everything from large printing operations, to smaller print providers who demand urgent print delivery or same day service from their machines.

Perhaps the greatest advantage the L370 provides is the low cost of ink with a new bulk system, which offers 3 liter hot-swappable ink tanks: Up to 28% less expensive per milliliter in bulk than ink cartridges for the Latex 310, 330, and 360! You can leave your machine running overnight and never worry about the ink running out in the morning. The intermediate ink tanks can automatically or manually be refilled to maximize the amount of ink in the system before leaving the printer for longer jobs. As always, you are able monitor the printer 24/7 using the Latex Mobile App, available through Google Play and Apple’s App Store. 

The L370 includes a built in spectrophotometer to simplify ICC profile creation and dynamic color calibration. Additionally, it makes color matching to other Latex printers a simple process. You can also reach production speeds facilitated by the HP Latex Optimizer and HP OMAS sensor.

For print providers planning for higher volume than a single Latex 360 machine, a better “up- time”, lower costs per print, and improved unattended printing, this is your go-to choice.