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HP Latex 560 & Latex 570 Technical Information

Our technical service reps came from certification training and wanted to share some new and exciting things with regards to the HP Latex 560 and Latex 570 Printers. IT Supplies is now a certified HP Latex 500 Series Reseller. Call any of our commercial sales professionals for more information today at 800-771-9665.

Media loading

  • Anticipated load time of less than 1 minute
  • Auto Skew Correction up to 9mm
  • Spindle-less media loading!
  • Rolls up to 121 lbs
  • Loading table and TUR are now a combined unit
  • media tension on TUR can be adjusted 
  • heavy media roll loading accessory

Printing & Handling

  • Front mount hot-swappable Ink Tanks on 570
  • Wiper roller for low cost media printing
  • Auto (motorized) pinch roller adjustment
  • Concatenate Jobs / Continuous printing / tailgating - This is huge - no more time spent waiting for the printer to finish its internal checks between multiple job submissions
  • Latex optimizer level test plot - no more guessing/testing multiple prints to find optimum optimizer
  • Option to adjust printzone airflow - decreased likelihood of vertical banding on textiles/wallpaper with high ink saturation


  • Latex mobile app now includes print metrics
  • Quick solutions app in front panel - may reduce customer support calls
  • After 40L of ink printed you will be prompted to clean platen
  • vapor/condensate collection - also keeps heat from curing zone contained


  • Supplies prediction - RIP will now calculate usage and warn if there is a probability of ink/media running out before job completion. Very useful for large unattended/overnight jobs
  • 570 comes standard with printer status disco light (560 optional).  3 color light easily identifies printing status from across the room.