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Customer Showcase - Photo-Tex Installation at Local Church

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We started a new segment where we are taking a look at how our customers are taking the materials that we sell and are using them in cool and unique ways. This segment shows how a local church wanted to promote a winter camp to all of the members of the church.

How do we capture the attention of a high schooler? What could draw their eyes away from their iPhone, iPod, iPad and “iLife”? These are questions a local church asked when developing a promotional campaign for a youth winter camp.

The idea they arrived at was simple: They wanted BIG and INNOVATIVE; something that would be easy toinstall and easy to remove. IT Supplies had the answer.

Photo Tex, a repositionable wall fabric, was exactly what the church group needed. The idea presented was a check pattern wall mural 12-foot high by 15-foot wide emulating a press conference back drop. The rest of the mural would showcase the event and logo info.

The graphics created were printed out in three-by-six foot sections directly onto the Photo Tex using a
Canon IPF8300. This project took roughly less than two hours to mount onto a blank canvas wall. The
nished product was well beyond the expectations of the customer!

Nick Masi, Director of the youth winter camp states, “Our winter camp attendance was the highest it has
ever been, and more parents than ever were stopping by our booth asking about camp. Not only did the
nal product look amazing, but everything was installed quickly and professionally.”
Once the event had ended, the Photo Tex was easily removed from the wall and left behind a clean slate
with no sticky residue.

“Photo Tex™ is such a multi-functional product,” shares Je Lucido, Sales Manager at IT Supplies, “We even surprise ourselves occasionally on the way this product lends itself to otherwise challenging projects with such quality, ease of use, and messaging eectiveness.”

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