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Photo-Tex for multiple adhesive applications

Talk about the ultimate adhesive, available in aqueous and solvent printable versions, Photo-Tex is a unique removable adhesive media that allows you to reposition the material countless times without losing adhesion or leaving residue behind. Photo-Tex can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, adding to the versatility of this popular material. This matte surface, water-resistant material will adhere to walls, cars, or any flat surface without falling off or curling like other solutions on the market tend to do over time. Photo-Tex allows users to create custom wall graphics and wall-decor for your customers without having to pay expensive third-party print houses.

Photo Tex used on Elevator Doors (Photo from Photo-Tex website)If it’s a flat surface Photo-Tex will adhere, we’ve found people use this incredible media for a number of different uses including: elevator doors, political campaigns, vehicles, indoor/outdoor signage, billboards, posters, banners, signage, logos, murals, life-size prints, indoor wall decor and more!

Photo Tex used at 2009 NHL All-Star Game (Photo from Photo-Tex website)

Additionally, if you’re a sports photographer, Photo-Tex is for you. Create and sell custom life-size cut-outs for little league and pee-wee football players or large team logos for children’s bedroom wall decor. If you’re a creative printer or photographer, the possibilities truly are endless with this remarkably unique adhesive fabric media.

If you have any questions regarding Photo-Tex and its multiple uses, qualities, or simply want to know if this material is right for your print application feel free to give us a call, we’d be glad to help! Profile information for printing on Photo-Tex can be found here.