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Hi folks and Happy Holidays,

I'm in a bad place between a rock and a hard place, you might say. I'm hoping that someone here can answer some questions and help me solve a dilemma.

We were able to take a photo on our honeymoon and wanted it on our living room wall. We ordered it from a reputable dealing and the rock/hard place comes into play after this point. The dealer did a very good job printing it to the Chrome Pearlescent Metallic and I believe it came from your company which is why I'm seeking information/advice here.

The print is large- 44 x 65.7 and made on Chrome Pearlescent Metallic. Our intent was to have it mounted on a acid-free foam core/mounting board to give a float appearance hanging on the wall. So as not to need to place it under glass we had a 3 coating of UV added to it for protection. We prefer NOT to have it framed.

The print dealer suggested to have it cold press mounted at a local craft dealer since the printer doesn't ship mounted pictures.

That is where the dilemma starts. We have a local, reputable craft dealer that has been in the area 30+ years and has done all types of framing.
But, they have never worked with Chrome Pearlescent Metallic paper and immediately declined to cold press mount the picture. They said it wouldn't be archival quality in that fashion so they strongly suggested against that method.
And after speaking with them about hot press mounted they wanted to speak to their expert in attendance before committing.
In the meantime I had called the printer and even had them speak to him about the mounting process. Problem there was the printer didn't have any experience in hot press mounting this paper so he couldn't really sway them one way or the other.

After speaking with their resident expert-
That turned out the same way, without further knowledge about the paper and how it might interact with the ink/UV protection et.al. under heat they are refusing to do it.

So as it stands now, I have a large print that I can NOT get mounted without having a frame put around it. Not my ideal choice!!

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Chrome Pearlescent Metallic paper and how I may go about having it mounted without framing to give it the floating look on my living room wall?

Failing that ability I will have it framed in as thin a frame as I can get. Would someone have suggestions along those lines in my approach.

I guess the lesson learned would be to have an idea as to how one would want a picture to look on the wall and how to go about having that done BEFORE placing an order or having something made. Sort of what I've done,.. but I can't find someone to do it for me. Frustrating!

ps- I did mispost this into another comment early. I hope someone can delete it for me

December 26, 2012 | Registered Commenterjames lyons

Gudy makes a gorilla-strength adhesive sheet (comes on a roll between layers of backing paper) that I use for a wide range of sizes. You apply it to the back of the print, trim it to desired size, burnish it on, then strip the backing paper off and apply it to support material.

I've used it successfully for flush-mounts like you're describing (like on a thick foam-core board). It's a bit tricky to apply/burnish/trim since the adhesive is very strong - you don't easily get a second shot to line it up (watch for bubbles & folds) - but it seems very permanent, even on heavy/textured papers. Comes in a range of widths. Trimming the print edges precisely to the board can be tricky also, but worth it. If you want it, the adhesive is also thick enough that it can give just a little bit of a "stand-off" effect (floating the print above the support) if you trim the adhesive slightly smaller than the print surface.

To solve the trimming problem (esp on smaller prints), I have stuck the adhesive on BOTH sides of a piece of mounting board trimmed a little smaller than the print & used this piece as a stand-off between the print and the backboard: the print floats above the backboard (by the thickness of the mounting board piece, which is invisible behind the print). This gives a bit of shadow effect around the print, which can be subtle but really nice in the right lighting.

Go see:

Good luck.

P.S.: If you don't want it framed, DON'T SETTLE FOR THAT! It can really make all the difference. FIgure something out to flush mount it - or you'll always hate the print no matter how good it is.

January 31, 2013 | Registered CommenterFrank Panek